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donkey tail

donkey tail

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a little about me…

Sedum morganianum (also known as the burro’s tail or donkey tail) is the perfect plant for a frequent traveller or forgetful plant parent! Not only are they bright + beautiful, they are a hardy type of evergreen succulent that can grow to be 60cm long, and are known to flower when cared for properly! They are native to eastern mexico, and are often found growing on vertical cliffs in the Tropical Deciduous Forest zone.

w a t e r

During the growing season (spring-summer) water roughly once every 7-10 days. Burro’s tail grows best in drier soil, and overwatering can cause problems (root rot, wilting) for the plant.

s u n

This plant will be happiest with bright sunlight, which will enhance the color of its foliage and encourage the growth of flowers!

p r o p a g a t i o n

Sedum is a delicate plant, and its leaves will drop at even the slightest touch. This is completely normal, and you can propagate the dropped leaves to make new plants! When your sedum sheds, put the leaves aside (on a countertop or windowsill) until the skin has scabbed over, which typically takes about three days. Once the leaves scab over, insert them into a new pot filled with a well-draining soil like cactus potting mix. Leave about half of each leaf exposed above the soil line. Water about once per week until you see new growth start to emerge!

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