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alocasia polly

alocasia polly

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comes in 4” grow pot. want it planted? add this along with a pot of your choosing in the pots section. be sure to get the proper size pot. a 4” plant would do well in a 4”-5” pot.

a little bit about me…

the alocasia Polly is a hybrid blend of alocasia, specifically grown to be a more compact version of the alocasia amazonica. this beauty can get up to 2’ tall and 10” wide.

s u n

bright, indirect light is preferred

w a t e r

with parents hailing from rainforests, the alocasia polly likes to be humid. keep the soil moist, not wet at all times. it can dry out a bit in the winter months

h u m i d i t y

she loves a little bit of humidity :)

t o x i c i t y

can cause irritation, so keep away from kids and pets

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