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flower + furbish

geogenanthus ciliates

geogenanthus ciliates

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a little about me…

a witchy plant lover’s dream!  the leaves of this gorgeous girl are such a dark purple, they read black. considered rare, this is such a great addition to your goth plant collection!

s u n

they love medium to bright indirect light. they can handle low light, but only for short periods of time before growth is stunted.

s o i l

rich, well-drained soil.

w a t e r

they love to be moist, but not wet. make sure you give them plenty of water while watering, and let them dry out about halfway before watering again.

h u m i d i t y

this plant enjoys high humidity, and there are a few ways to achieve this! your plant will enjoy being misted, placed on a pebble tray, or placed near a humidifier!


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