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a little about me…

Columnea Nematanthus (otherwise known as the goldfish plant) get their nickname from their blooms! During the spring and summer (and possibly all year round given they are in happy conditions), they will produce precious, bright orange flowers resembling, you guessed it, goldfish!

s u n 

Goldfish plants will grow best with bright, indirect light. Eastern facing windows are perfect.

w a t e r 

During summer months, keep the soil moist, but not wet. For the cooler months, pull back on watering a bit and feel the soil to see if it has dried out a bit. Never let the soil dry completely out. Misting the leaves of this plant will help increase humidity, which it loves since it’s a tropical plant!

h u m i d i t y

Goldfish plants enjoy higher humidity, but can adapt well to typical household humidity levels. 

t o x i c i t y 

 This plant is non-toxic to dogs and cats!

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