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hudson valley hardy hibiscus seeds

hudson valley hardy hibiscus seeds

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Bring the tropics to your yard.

While we may imagine hibiscus to be a tropical plant, these beautiful shrubs are hardy to zone 4! Garden centers carry many hybrids of this species, but we love the classic that can be grown from open-pollinated seed: bold white-to-pink blooms, ruby-red throats, and a hedge-like form that peaks 4-6 years after planting. Forms beautiful seed pods for winter interest. Stems be clipped in late winter or early spring for best performance over the years.

In the first year of growth from seed, our plants reached 48" high and had several blooms. In the second year, each plant was absolutely covered in 6" flowers. Starting Hardy Hibiscus from seed can take some time; use larger containers than for veggie starts, be patient, and expect a few plant losses. Your time and effort will be rewarded for years to come.

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