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mothering earth: the busy family’s guide to saving the planet

mothering earth: the busy family’s guide to saving the planet

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This Earth--and money--saving guide to sustainable living empowers families everywhere to fight climate change by making practical lifestyle changes--at home at their own pace.

Expert author Julia Rockwell provides a road map to simplify and streamline our lives in a way that benefits overall well-being and the health of the planet--all without sacrificing comforts or turning our lives upside down. And to do so you... 

  • do not need to carve out separate time to focus on sustainability,
  • do not need to spend more money,
  • do not need to partake in DIY projects,
  • do not need to be perfect,
  • do not need to get rid of all the plastic in your home,
  • do not need to turn your family's life upside down,
  • do not need to feel guilty (you didn't create this mess we are in),
  • do not need to live off the grid.

Written and designed to reach all families, this inspiring and useful book highlights "eco-action" solutions that support a climate-friendly lifestyle at your own pace. Some of the eco-actions topics covered are: 

  • Take a Trash Tally
  • Find Your Free Marketplace
  • Switch to Reusables
  • Help Kids Eat, Not Waste

It shows us how caring for a healthy planet doesn't just boost mental wellness, reduce stress, and heighten sense of community, but also saves time and money, too. Includes a comprehensive list of eco-insider resources, a 31-day Eco-Family Challenge, a guide to creating a personalized roadmap to resources in your area, and the book itself is printed on responsibly forested, FSC certified paper.

Realistic yet impactful, Mothering Earth gives readers a feasible guide for simple and meaningful change, while at the same time sparks calmness and connection. With the tools to create an effective and healthy eco-routine, readers take a holistic look at shifting habits and making them stick in this Earth-saving guidebook.


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