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flower + furbish

pachypodium madagascar lamerei

pachypodium madagascar lamerei

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a little about me…

These pretty palms are great for indoor or outdoor (when it’s warm) enjoyment.

s u n 

This plant will grow best with bright sun, and can actually tolerate full sun for most of the day!

w a t e r 

Water sparingly, since this plant is a succulent, it likes to stay pretty dry. Water once per week, and before watering again, make sure the soil is dry about 2” down. A good way to test the soil is to stick your finger about one knuckle deep, and if it’s dry, that means it’s time for another watering! If you feel moisture, hold off for a little bit longer!

t o x i c i t y 

 This plant is non-toxic to pets and humans!

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