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beaucarnea recurvata (ponytail palm)

beaucarnea recurvata (ponytail palm)

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a little about me…

native to eastern mexico, it is now only found in nature in the state of veracruz.  although called the ponytail palm, it is not closely related to palms at all!

the leaves at the bottom will turn yellow and fall off white growing. yellowing leaves are part of the life process as long as they're on the bottom (if not, you're probably over or under watering)!

s u n 

this plant will grow best with bright sun, and can actually tolerate full sun for most of the day!

w a t e r 

water sparingly, since this plant is native to the desert, it likes to stay pretty dry. the large trunk holds water!  let the soil completely dry out between watering.

t o x i c i t y 

this plant is non-toxic to pets and humans!

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