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sayuri sansevieria

sayuri sansevieria

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a little about me…

Sansevieria (also known as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or the Snake Plant) is one of the most carefree house plants you can grow. It is ideal for beginners, but seasoned gardeners also love this accent plant's dramatic, sword-shaped leaves. Slow-growing, it will live for many years with good care.

s u n 

It thrives in just about any light.

w a t e r 

Water sparingly! When we say this plant is easy-going, we mean it! Watering once bi-weekly or less will keep this plant looking its best. Any problem coming from the mother in law’s tongue is usually from over-watering.

t o x i c i t y 

 This plant is mildly toxic to pets and humans. If ingested, it will cause throat and mouth irritation, and possibly vomiting.

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