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selaginella fern

selaginella fern

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a b o u t  m e

The selaginella rainbow, also commonly referred to as peacock moss, is a SHOW. STOPPER. She boasts almost iridescent foliage, in shades of teal, green, and metallic blue. Her strands root very easily when they come into contact with moist soil, so one plant could very easily become many!

s u n

Peacock moss will maintain her beautiful hues the best with partial to full shade.

w a t e r

Moist soil is a must for this plant, so be sure to set your reminders! Ferns and selaginella varieties need consistently moist, never soggy soil.

h u m i d i t y

High humidity is a must, as this is a type of moss. They thrive in shady, humid areas, so you should try to replicate that environment to keep your plant as happy as can be in your home! We recommend adding a plant humidifier, frequent misting, adding a pebble tray, or all of the above!

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