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flower + furbish

ficus microcarpa ginseng

ficus microcarpa ginseng

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 s u n

Give it bright, consistent light— preferably by a sunny window. Turn the plant every few months once it begins to lean toward the light.

s o i l

Rich, well-drained peaty soil. Plan on re-potting about once a year because once roots become crowded they will start growing through the container’s drainage hole, causing circulation problems and possibly root rot.

w a t e r

Water only when you stick your finger in the soil and it is dry to your second knuckle. When the time comes, water thoroughly (until the water drains into the saucer) and allow to dry out again. If plants don’t get enough water, new leaves will turn brown and drop; on the other hand, if they are overwatered, the oldest leaves (toward the base of the plant) will turn brown and fall off.

h u m i d i t y

This plant enjoys high humidity, and there are a few ways to achieve this! Your plant will enjoy being misted, placed on a pebble tray, or placed near a humidifier!


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