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hudson valley bee friendly meadow mix seed shaker

hudson valley bee friendly meadow mix seed shaker

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The mantra "Save the Bees" may not be new, but this Seed Shaker provides a fresh opportunity to grow your own pollinator meadow. Just shake and sow! Each seed box plants 100 square feet.

Can include the following 18 varieties of annual and perennial flowers:
"Baby Blue Eyes" ~Nemophila menziesii~
"Bergamot" ~Monarda fistulosa~
"Blue Flax" ~Linum perenne~
"California Poppy" ~Eschscholzia californica~
"China Aster" ~Callistephus chinensis~
"Chinese Forget-Me-Not" ~Cynoglossum amabile~
"Corn Poppy" ~Papaver rhoeas~
"Fleabane Daisy" ~Erigeron speciosus~
"Globe Gilia" ~Gilia capitata~
"Indian Blanket" ~Gaillardia pulchella~
"Lance-Leaved Coreopsis" ~Coreopsis lanceolata~
"New England Aster" ~Symphyotrichum novae-angliae~
"Plains Coreopsis" ~Coreopsis tinctoria~
"Purple Coneflower" ~Echinacea purpurea~
"Purple Giant Hyssop" ~Agastache rugosa~ 
"Siberian Wallflower" ~Cheiranthus allionii~
"Sweet Alyssum" ~Lobularia maritima~
"Tidy Tips" ~Layia platyglossa~

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