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hudson valley fox cherry tomato seeds

hudson valley fox cherry tomato seeds

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Highly vigorous–produces perfect, plump, salad-sized red tomatoes.

This sly fox has skipped over Aesop's unreachable grapes and gone right for the grill. Why waste your energy jumping for something you can't reach when these sweet fruits are right at your fingertips? These two-bite tomatoes are prolific and easy to pick, hanging at comfortable heights along vines that reach skyward. Their perfect, plump size accommodates skewering, halving, and quartering for grilling and chunky salads. Follow the Fox's lead and you'll be grinning, too.

Fox Cherry Tomatoes grow on big, rangey vines. Unlike most cherry tomatoes, the fruits are large enough to use as regular tomatoes. They can be sliced into small rounds, or quartered, or chomped whole. Cherry tomatoes are more disease-resistant than standard varieties, and this is a particularly hardy, productive choice.

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