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hudson valley multi-hued yarrow seeds

hudson valley multi-hued yarrow seeds

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A mix of golden, white, and coral wildflowers.

Sometimes our wildflowers have more to offer than we know. Yarrow grows in our meadow, which we keep natural rather than cultivated. Because our small farm is surrounded by natural habitat, we are learning to selectively harvest plants that nature grows for us. In addition to being food and habitat for native insects, yarrow makes beautiful and long-lasting cut flowers and has medicinal uses. 

The scientific name of this variety summons up images of Achilles, the mythological warrior who was invulnerable save for one small spot on his heel. From our perspective, yarrow has no weak points: it is a semi-wild plant that is easy to establish, a perennial that comes back reliably every year, a stand-out flower that looks replete and vivid with little fuss. Its connection to Achilles is more related to its herbal uses—of which there are many—in particular its role in poultices and preparations meant to speed the healing of wounds. While it may not have saved Achilles from that final well-aimed arrow, it never hurts to have plant allies around to keep us healthy.

This pack contains a mix of varieties, including golden, white, and coral blooms.

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