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owl eye peperomia

owl eye peperomia

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a little about me…

This peperomia is a widely-coveted beauty!! With striking, almost sparkling leaves, it is a hardy houseplant and perfect for a new plant-parent.

s u n

This beautifully striped plant will be happiest in medium to bright indirect light. If given too much light, the colors and patterns will fade, so keep it out of direct sun!. If not enough light, the leaves may become darker green.

w a t e r

Water thoroughly when the top inch to two inches of soil is dry to the touch (if you stick your finger in, check to see if it’s dry to the second knuckle). Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, as this plant is more tolerant to underwatering, than overwatering. If you notice that the leaves are beginning to droop or feel a bit thin, it may be time for another thorough watering.

h u m i d i t y

Your plant enjoys high humidity, so frequent misting or adding a pebble tray would be appreciated!

t o x i c i t y

This peperomia is non-toxic to pets and humans!

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