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pilea pepermioides

pilea pepermioides

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a little about me

Pileas are ideal for new growers, as they require very little water and are self-propagating! The pilea was brought to Europe by a Swedish missionary who had travelled through the mountains of Southern China. When he returned home, he gave clippings to his friends and family, and then they would continue the tradition! It spread widely & quickly, and is to this day, a very popular plant for gifting.

s u n

It thrives in medium to bright indirect light!

w a t e r

The pilea prefers dry soil. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings during the growing season (spring-summer). In winter, water just enough to prevent the soil from drying out. Overwatering will cause root rot.

t o x i c i t y

This fun little guy is non-toxic to pets and humans!

t i p s + t r i c k s

Keep the leaves dust-free and glossy by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Repot in spring, if it starts to get crowded and needs dividing.

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